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The ultimative Vdub Links!


And now here are the results of many surfin´hours!


Aircooled Vdub Clubs and Organizations
Aircooled Privates
Some other´s non Vdub Wrrrooooooooommmmms or historical commercial vehicles
Chat-Friends´ and other Non Motoring Pages

Aircooled Vdub Clubs and Organizations

  • Interessengemeinschaft T2 is THE German VW Bus Club for all Friends of the Type2 1967-79.
  • T2-Stammtisch Ruhr/Münsterland! The nearly monthly regional PUB-Meeting in the Ruhrregion of Germany
  • BulliKartei e.V. THE German Club for all Friends of Splitscreen VW Busses. Sorry, this page is under construction.
  • LIMBO, the US post-67 VW Bus Club.
  • NEATO, the US Splitty Club.
  • SSVS, the British SplitScreenVanClub.
  • LVWCN, the nederlandse aircooled Vdub Club.
  • VW-Bus-Club-Koblenz organizes every 2 years the biggest VW Bus Metting of Germany and perhaps Europe.
  • VW Euro Sevenum/NL! Here you can get the newest informations about this great dutch Meeting
  • Type2 Mailing List for aircooled Type2 Fans. Subscribe now. Have also a look at the Sermon´s.
  • BusAlert! Subscribe now to get new informations about stolen busses ...
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    Aircooled Privates

  • The Frisian Volkspage is Jens Zeemans´s bug and bus page, containing the AMESCADOR-Camper Registry.
  • Vincent Molenaar´s ´78 Kombi: he also offers the best site to decode M-Plate and Type-/Model-Code.
  • Pim van Loon, short form Ploon, and his great-big-nice homepage and the ´73 Bus.
  • Type II and III Experience: One of the greatest aircooled webpages. Thanks to Everett and Jennepher Barnes. Try NOW!
  • Thom´s Vintage VW Bus Site is especially for barndoors and other splitties. Great.
  • Ronald´s aircooled website for Type2 Baywindow Fans.
  • The Crumple Zone. A little bit crazy this site of Flash (BulliKartei Member). You must see it.
  • Sarah´s Split Bus Page is nice to meet and watch the piX of British Meetings.
  • The Samba Server for SplitScreenVan Fans.
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    Some other´s non Vdub Wrrrooooooooommmmms

  • Christian Uhrig´s page for all friends and fans of historical commercial vehicles. The only site I know about this theme.
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    Chat-Friends´ and other Non Motoring Pages

  • BuzzFuzz homepage. Attention for musicfreaks: LABEL. Good great music I think. Try now.
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