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Wat gipps hier to kijken? 1. Upps 2. Ahaa 3. Soso 4. Hä?

The Haltern Type2 Page

The ´71 Ambulance Type 27

That´s the real story of my "Krankenwagen"

71 KTW 1 Once upon a time ... Nono ... Ok, let´s start again.

It was on June 24th 1996 I drove with my niagara blue ´72 Westfalia SO 72/3 (chassis 232 2 214 833, first registration Jnue 29th 1972) on my way to the hot loving University of Dortmund the same street as everytime and .... blablabla

Picture above: The ambulance 271 2 154 453, first registration March 4th 1971 and my (now was owned) Westfalia ...

Soon be finished, must stop now, lot of work here. Please visit later again.

Questions, comments, ideas? Send an email. Andreas Plogmaker